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Step into Chilmoli, where every flavor narrates a story and every dish is a celebration of the Mexican soul. Our name pays homage to the ancestral roots of “chilli” and “molli”, symbolizing a feast of salsas and stews that are the heart of our culinary culture. Here, salsa is not just an ingredient; it's our language of culinary love. At Chilmoli, we believe the real magic begins the moment you walk through our door. With a warm and authentic welcome, we invite you to immerse yourself in an experience where each bite blends love, passion, and respect for the ingredients. From the crackling of the fire to the artistry of the grill, we take pride in our salsas being the stars, enhancing every dish and transforming it into a masterpiece. Experiencing Chilmoli is about recalling and creating memories. It's a portal that transports you to cherished moments, through flavors and aromas that resonate as echoes of home. It's a place where the past and present fuse in the kitchen, and every visit is an opportunity to craft new stories.

Let the distinctive sizzle of our premium cuts on the grill entice you, a prelude to the culinary journey that awaits. As you explore the magic of our cocktailery, each drink opens a window to the innovation and tradition that define us. Chilmoli is more than a restaurant; it's a destination that promises a vibrant and authentic culinary adventure. Every detail is thoughtfully curated to captivate and each visit is a reason to celebrate. Welcome to Chilmoli, where a passion for Mexican cuisine comes to life and each meal is a tribute to tradition. #ChilmoliVibes

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Chef Rafael Villalpando – The Heart of Chilmoli

Step into Chilmoli and discover the culinary enchantment where Chef Rafael Villalpando transforms each dish into a vibrant journey. Experience the essence of Mexico, brought to life with a passion that graces every plate. With a distinguished career spanning renowned kitchens and Michelin-starred establishments across Mexico, the U.S., and Europe, Chef Villalpando is a virtuoso of Mexican gastronomy. His approach turns the kitchen into a canvas, where each creation transcends mere sustenance to become a narrative woven from the aromas, flavors, and vivid hues of Mexico's rich culinary heritage. At Chilmoli, every dish is an expression of love and devotion to Mexican cuisine. Chef Villalpando's vision, though grounded in simplicity, reaches profound depths as it seeks to forge an emotional bond with each guest, turning meals into unforgettable experiences. His culinary philosophy marries the freshness of ingredients with time-honored techniques, such as grilling over low flames, ensuring every morsel narrates its own tale. Embodying the harmony of pristine ingredients and cherished culinary methods, Chef Villalpando believes that the essence of true culinary artistry lies in the ability to share, innovate, and continually evolve. This belief is mirrored in every dish served at Chilmoli, where secret recipes breathe life into the restaurant's signature offerings. Chef Villalpando's mission at Chilmoli is unequivocal: to craft extraordinary dishes using meticulously selected and artisanally prepared ingredients, aiming to surpass the expectations of our distinguished patrons. Here, modern Mexican cuisine is not just prepared; it's celebrated in every nuance, promising a gastronomic voyage that tantalizes every sense and beckons you back for more.

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